Habbits combine task management and Tamagotchi features along with talking abilities. Application is made suitable for kids. Each segment of the app is carefully designed to meet their needs. Select your favorite Habbit, take care of it and it will grow trough time.

Habbits are also an electronic nanny that helps parents to track activities of the kids. There is a rising trend of active parenting and parents today are much more involved in kids academic success than previous generations. Habbits will generate more free time for the parents which could be spent on more quality time with the kids.

Habbits are perfect tool for parents. Kids will not only have fun with it, but will enjoy completing their tasks! Just as a real world nanny, Habbits will remind kids of their duties.

Completing tasks will convert Habbits into Tamagotchi toy! Habbit will grow if any task is completed just once a day!

We know that kids love to play games on mobile devices and that's why we have developed special memory game and draw book that are available within the application! Yes, that's right! Habbits combine education, entertainment and engagement within the same application! And that's not all! Habbit will repeat anything your kid says, but with its own voice! Of course, you can share that funny voice to your friends and be proud of your kid.